"We focus on the urban segment as the city is the extraordinary place where the challenges of our society are the most intense"


ATENOR is a real estate development company listed on Euronext Brussels, proposing green offices and real estate projects which meet very strict criteria in terms of location, mixed use, diversification, technical quality economic efficiency, and sustainable development.


The mission of Atenor is to work in harmony with the evolution of the city. Very early, positioned itself as an urban stakeholder, aware of the new challenges the city has to face (absorb the urban population growth, respond to socio-economic and environmental issues). Through its approach to town planning and architecture, Atenor meets the demands of today's life in the city.


Our international and multi-disciplinary team of around 90 passionate staff manages about 29 projects across Europe. All are guided by the same objective: to create added value.


Two of our main criteria are accessibility and the development potential of the neighborhoods chosen for the outreach of cities.

9 European countries – 29 projects

1,27 M m2


By asserting its urban identity, ATENOR intends to use its know-how in the common elements of several cities, in particular the need to adapt their urban fabric to the evolution of private and professional life. In addition, by being present where it invests, Atenor ensures the integration of the specifics of each city. Today, ATENOR activities are located in 14 dynamic European urban markets: Brussels, Deinze, La Hulpe, Mons, The Hague, Leudelange, Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette, Bezons, Lisbon, Düsseldorf, Warsaw, Budapest and Bucharest.


Aware of the challenges of the cities of tomorrow, Atenor systematically uses techniques and materials that meet the highest energy and environmental standards. With the aim of offering an essential quality of life and work, Atenor pays particular attention to the accessibility, flexibility and modularity of spaces and to the quality of life of its future residents and users by offering them a comprehensive solution.


In its major urban projects, ATENOR aims to facilitate or develop a mix of uses to create living environments where offices, housing, shops and services co-exist in green surroundings. The number of projects currently in the portfolio is 29. They represent an area of 1,270,000 m2.


A distinctive feature of ATENOR also lies in its socially responsible investments. In all areas where it is present, ATENOR has succeeded in creating a tradition of dialogue and partnership with all stakeholders involved in its real estate development projects: political authorities, environmental, economic, social and cultural players. Based on its values and social responsibility, ATENOR supports the economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation in the places where the company develops its projects.

Atenor is a Belgian real estate development company listed on Euronext Brussels, with a diverse portfolio of different megaprojects and top quality modern offices for rent.

Its mission is to provide suitable answers to new challenges created by transformations in urban and professional life: we always work in harmony with the development of each city we are based in. From the very beginning, Atenor has positioned itself as an urban stakeholder, meaning we are aware of the challenges cities have to face (such as dealing with population growth, along with socio-economic and environmental issues). This is also why we place great importance on sustainable, energy efficient office buildings, all rated with BREEAM Excellent certifications: the world’s leading sustainability assessment method. Any company that chooses to come to one of our office campuses, can be assured that they’ll get their hands on a fitting eco-friendly workplace.

Atenor has been active for over 30 years in the real estate development sector. Ever since then, we’ve had success after success, which allowed us to build a know-how that has been recognized through the whole market.  Thanks to its capacity to capture the evolution of urban changes, Atenor proposes green buildings which meet very strict criteria in terms of location, mixed use, diversification, technical quality, economic efficiency, and sustainable development, while taking into account the specificities and major assets of each city where we are present.

We are constantly looking to expand our field of competence: in answer to the changes in the real estate market, Atenor has invested more and more in residential and commercial markets. Its portfolio is currently distributed between high quality, modern offices for rent, not to mention residential and mixed-use projects, adding up to 1,270,000 m2 in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Romania integrating brilliant architecture designs into the urban environment. Its goal goes beyond simply creating office space to let. It is to enrich the urban landscape with word-class, sustainable office buildings.

Atenor Hungary also provides top locations with high standards, since we handle all of our developments in a professional and flexible way. This is one of the main reasons we can provide an effective solution for any tenant looking for quality office buildings for rent. Aréna Business Campus is the pride of Atenor Budapest: it is located right in city’s business area, with four spacious buildings, and a huge internal garden. So if your company is searching for office space for lease in Budapest, we are ready to provide you what you need.

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