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The development of Aréna Business Campus aims to attain a highly environmentally aware construction and operational certification. All buildings in Aréna Business Campus have BREEAM “Excellent” environmental certification. BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, with 600,000 buildings with certified BREEAM assessment ratings and over two million registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990.

efficient and sustainable features included in the buildings

  • BREEAM Excellent Certification
  • High quality thermal and acoustic insulation
  • District heating (no local pollution)
  • Low water consumption sanitary units
  • Heat recovery system
  • Optimized, intelligent building management system
  • Architecturally optimized use of natural light
  • Low energy lighting system (lighting works according to motion sensor)
  • Spare capacity within the cooling and ventilation systems
  • Recovery of condensation heat from the cooling system
  • Water chillers with free cooling
  • Collecting, storing and using rainwater (e.g. for irrigation)
  • Grey water recycling
  • Selective waste collection and disposal
  • Bicycle storages and shower-changing room facilities in each building’s underground garage

excellent quality of technical specification

  • Turnkey office fit-out at Landlord cost + Extra fit-out contribution
  • Less space has to be acquired due to efficient floorplates
  • Denser configurations possible due to superior technical capabilities
  • Healthier working environment for staff (no ‘sick building’ syndrome)
  • Intelligent BMS for outstanding cost efficiency
  • Openable windows controlled by the BMS system
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Full access raised floor, 12 cm
  • Chilled beam cooling system controlled by the BMS
  • Liquid chiller
  • District heating, radiators (no local pollution), heat recovery system
  • 50 m3 / h / person cleaned fresh air supply
  • High quality thermal and acoustic insulation
  • BMS controlled dimmable office lightning
  • Double connection network
  • Diesel Generator for tenants

Looking for green offices? Aréna Business Campus provides ample opportunities for all companies looking to move their business into energy efficient office buildings.

At Aréna Business Campus, high quality office space is synonymous with an environmentally friendly workplace. ATENOR Hungary not only places great importance on sustainable office buildings: through innovative urban planning and architectural excellence, we constantly aim for a cultural, economic, and social upgrade. This is how we can deliver the most effective solutions in answer to the complex, ever changing needs of urban professionals, as well as local and multinational companies looking for campus type of offices in an intelligent building.

Consequently, Aréna Business Campus, Budapest’s green office project, is an ideal opportunity for those who would like to be located close to the city center and enjoy an outstanding modern, high-tech and innovative milieu. Our eco-friendly office buildings all have top quality technical specifications, numerous in-house services, moreover the green office park’s garden and pedestrian area all contribute to make a completely new neighborhood which is more sustainable, more open and more fun to work and live in.

Are you familiar with BREEAM? It is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for large-scale development projects, infrastructure and office buildings. As such, constructions that receive the BREEAM "Excellent” rating are considered the top choice for your employees’ well-being in modern, green offices in Budapest, as well as the communication of your environmentally friendly corporate image. Multinational companies such as ATENOR choose BREEAM, because it helps them validate the value of their assets and services (like having modern office space for rent) along with demonstrating sustainability performance during the planning, construction or refurbishment of energy efficient office buildings. So if you’re looking to work in a sustainable office building, Aréna Business Campus may just be the eco-friendly workplace you’ve been looking for!

All of Atenor’s developments have BREEAM excellent certifications, so if your company places great importance on their sustainable image, choosing to use our office space in Budapest can only help your case. The green office buildings of Aréna Business Campus are part of a brand new megaproject: they were all planned with special attention to the needs and aspirations of the capital’s inhabitants, the workers and users of today, in addition to the generations to come. Your employees will surely see the difference, with the 72,000 mof exclusive “A+” campus offices we can offer. Not to mention the effect your improved company image may have on your potential and existing customers!

All in all, if you’re searching for top quality, efficient, green offices in Budapest, ATENOR is more than prepared to serve your company needs.

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