The construction and leasing of Aréna Business Campus is in full swing


Atenor has opened its brand new, super modern showroom in Aréna Business Campus Building A that is under construction.

‘The creating of Aréna Business Campus’ showroom has a key role in the life of the project. We found it essential to establish a showroom on the first floor of the building since there is a huge interest in the project and we believe if potential tenants will see the construction and the high quality technical contents offered by the office spaces then that is worth more than any other marketing and leasing promotion’, says Zoltán Borbély, Country Director of Atenor Hungary.

 ‘During the showroom’s design process we aimed at developing an exclusive interior with a terrace and a not every-day looking glass wall division, and also with special coverings and furniture. The clear, minimal style was complemented by bold and lively colours, which resulted in a futuristic, friendly, youthful, flexible and multifunctional space’, added Zoltán Borbély.

 Aréna Business Campus project was designed by Vikár and Lukács Architects Studio and the showroom by Barbara Krizsán interior designer.

 Developed by Atenor, Aréna Business Campus offers ‘A+’ category offices on 72,000 square meters. It is situated in District VIII on Hungária Boulevard, less than 3 minutes’ walk from Stadionok metro station. It consists of four buildings, and in-between a huge internal garden and a pedestrian passage creates a unique and inspiring environment. The office complex was designed to satisfy the needs and demands of today’s tenants, as well as of future generations.

 The construction of the first, Building ‘A’, advances at a fast pace, according to plans and its structure will be completed by the end of this year and will be handed over in Q2 2020.

Almost 20% of the 20,000 m2 office building ‘A’ has already been leased, several service providers will move to the ground floor, and also an American multinational corporation, a Fortune 500 company to a nearly 2,000 m2 office space. This new office occupier is the fourth tenant welcomed by the complex, after the contracting of a medical center, Costa Coffee and Freshland salad bar.

 Furthermore, Atenor announced that the construction of Building ‘B’ has already been started which will open its doors in the middle of 2021.

 From the beginning, Atenor develops real estates that increase the attractiveness of cities. It is going to carry out an office complex on Hungária Boulevard, which satisfies the needs and demands of today’s citizens, users, as well as of future generations.


About Atenor

 Listed on the Euronext Brussels, the company of Atenor has a nearly 100 year-old history and has been active in the real estate developing sector for 30 years. During this time, it carried out several large-scale developments in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Hungary and Romania.

 Our latest projects include:

 THE ONE Brussels Europa (41,550 m2 mixed offices, residential and retail) in Brussels, Belgium; UP-site (84,415 m2, mixed residential, offices and retail) in Brussels, Belgium;

BuzzCity (16,000 m2 offices) in Leudelange, Luxembourg; The Jazz (14,300 m2 mixed offices, residential and retail ) in Belval, Luxembourg;

Bords De Seine (35,000 m2 offices) in Paris, France;

Aréna Business Campus (72,000 m2 mixed offices and retail) in Budapest, Hungary; Váci Greens (130,000 m2 mixed offices and retail) in Budapest, Hungary;

Dacia 1 (12,000 m2 offices) in Bukarest, Romania; @EXPO (44,000 m2 offices) in Bukarest, Romania; Hermes Business Campus (75,000 m2 offices) in Bukarest, Romania.


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